Welcome to GoBuddy Adventures

Do I need to bring stuff??

Why yes you do and there are some things that are more important than others. There is the “must bring” stuff and then there is some stuff that is just for your comfort! First the “must bring” list.

Must bring list

-Helmet as required by our insurance company and common sense.
-Road or hybrid bicycle
-Extra Tube specifically for your bike (we will carry a variety too)
-Water bottle (we will have water in the SAG to refill)
-If you need an EPI pen please bring it along we will not supply that in the SAG wagon

For your comfort list

-Padded cycling shorts
-Bright synthetic cycling jerseys
-Firmed soled shoes for cycling or clipless shoes
-Cycling socks
-Cycling gloves
-Water proof rain gear
-Cycling glasses/sunglasses
-Shamoi lube
-Dry clothing in case of rain and or for post ride comfort. (It can get chilly sitting in sweaty clothes even in the heat of summer and especially after sundown in the White Mountains.)
-Dry shoes for post ride. (There’s nothing like the feel of a nice change of shoes.)
- A bright flashing safety light for the back of your bike and a clear headlight for the front.

What Level of Fitness is recommended to participate in your tours?

We encourage you to cycle at your own pace so it can be as easy or strenuous as you want. Bring a GOBuddy or two to ride with you, hang out with the guides, or meet new cyclists on tour with similar interests and abilities. Some of our riders are experienced, but most are casual cyclists. We do have hills, and they are an essential part of the beauty of our tours. Don’t worry if you need to rest or walk your bike along the way, or if you need a lift (that is one of the reasons we provide a SAG wagon). So, don’t fret if you come from the flat lands, we can help you achieve success on our tours. We categorize our rides from easy with rolling hills, to moderate with a few good climbs to hardest with large climbs including mountains. One very scenic road that you might find yourself riding is the Kancamagus Highway. Check out the elevation for this monster.   Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions about the rides. We carefully plan our routes so that they can be enjoyed by everyone.

To Rent or Your Own…..That is the Question...

You are welcome to bring your own bike. We highly recommend having it thoroughly checked and repaired in advance by a competent bike mechanic. Our SAG wagon will have a tool kit for small roadside repairs. If you require a major repair there are several repair shops in the area to help you. You may rent a bicycle from Rhino Bikes Works for an additional charge* in Plymouth New Hampshire. Please see the link below for information about rentals and to contact them.

Are all roads created equal??

We think NOT!! We choose cycling routes that we feel are safe and scenic. Having said that we cannot and will not guarantee that the roads we ride on are “safe.” Your safety is your responsibility. It is up to you to cycle in a safe manner being mindful of traffic, your fellow group members, and the laws of New Hampshire. Most of our routes are on paved roads. Some tours do have short stretches of unpaved road (approximately 2 miles or less) that we have ridden with skinny road tires. We try to drive each route before the tour date to check for changes in road conditions.

Weather or Not?

We cannot guarantee that the weather will cooperate with us (we have started out on some beautifully sunny days and ended our ride soaked). It might be necessary for us to cancel a tour due to inclement weather. In this case we will offer a full refund or credit towards a different tour on another day.

Here are the Numbers (Of People that is…)

Our insurance company has decided that we require 1 guide for every 7 cyclists and we agree. We aspire to provide the best possible experience for every participant. We feel that smaller numbers give us the opportunity to better focus on you. We also believe that double teaming is fair game. So our tours, regardless of size, will always have a minimum of two tour guides. Speaking of size each tour will require a minimum of 4 cyclists. In the case of less the tour will be rescheduled.

Where should you sleep?

Well that is up to you. We recommend a bed. Where can you find a bed? There are several beautiful Inns and Bed and Breakfasts in the area that will provide a comfortable place to rest your bones and provide a wonderful breakfast when you awaken. There are a limited number of hotels and motels in the area from which to choose as well as many camping areas. Here is a list of some that we recommend.

Finding Wheels

If you need to rent a bike please contact Rhino Bike Works at the link below. Our friends at Rhino will help fit you to a bike rental for the day or the weekend. There is an additional charge to rent a bicycle

Rhino Bike Works