About Us

GOBuddy Adventures started with two friends riding bicycles in 2013. After riding more than two thousand miles in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and a lot of laughs later an idea was born. Why not share our beautiful location with others.

Robbin comes from a cycling background having ridden for over 30 years. She helped start a local women’s bike club called the White Mountain Wheelwomen and helped organize tours for the group. She is also former owner of the Campton Inn in Campton NH of which she ran for 11 years with her husband Peter.

I come from a running background but transitioned to cycling three years ago with great enthusiasm, although not leaving running behind! I have completed 3 marathons and am training for my next.

We feel that fitness is best attained and maintained with the help and humor of your friends, or “GOBuddys”. Robbin and I love to ride with fitness in mind and a large serving of humor to help us along the way. We have achieved many more miles than we ever anticipated simply by leaning on each other and our humor to encourage each other. If you take yourself too seriously frustration mounts. Humor is paramount to relieving stress and achieving success. You can often hear us approaching a destination before you see us.